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Valbona cache

  • Valbona Cache is located in Albania's Prokletje mountains in 1850m above see level.

    It's situated on a little peak in the saddle between Valbona and Theth valley, not far away from the foopath between Theth and Rrogami village.

    We can recommend this walktrip through river-beds, beech forests, mountains meadows and sharp rocks in both directions because this walkway is realy "trekking friendly" - you don't need any climbing equipments, just good physical condition, and on the way you will find several streams full of water, strawberries fields and also lot of places suitable for camping. In the top parts you can enjoy amazing views on the Prokletje's karst scenery and peaks.

    The whole trek between these two villages (or round trip form one of them as well) could take about six hours, depending on you, your navigation skills, and of course weather. But the footpath should be easy to find and not lost. It is often used by natives and also foreign travel agencies.

  • Cache is hidden under the stone in the corner of little wall.
    Fotohint is avilable here (click for enlarge picture):

    Please, don't destroy the wall and when you are logging and placing it back, ensure that cache is not broken, waterloged and is safety hiden in it's hole. In any incident it would by best, you could fix the problem in any way by yourself at the place. Thanks for understanding.

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videoview from the cache


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